how to predict stock prices ?

how to predict stock prices? is the question asked by many people 
here are 3 easy ways you can predict the stock will climb or fall the next day.

3 easy steps to follow 

 1. stock in news
make sure to keep an eye on news feed and check the stocks which are in news.
price of stock increases if the particular company announces dividends, buybacks, splits, bonus, results or any poisitive news.
dividends, buybacks and bonus are some of the main reason for stock jumps.
if results comes positive then stock climbs at least 3% the next day or the same day.
how to check news ?
visit this article best apps for stock market news

2. Market watch
keep an eye on the market, specially when the market closes many stocks jumps before 15 mins and these stocks trends the next day. this happens when the particular company makes any announcements related to dividends, buybacks, splits, bonus or results.

3. Stay Connected
shortlist some good stocks you think might perform well in future and follow them on social media’s, visit their websites time to time and keep checking for what new things are they doing, what changes are they making.
These will consume more time, isn’t it ? so make sure to check our picks section for our stock and crypto picks.


  • Predicting stock prices is like predicting the future and we all know this is not possible.
  • but 50% of predictions comes true, so we can try them out.
  • in stock market a single bad news corrects the market, we have the best example of COVID-19

Note – Always do study by yourself before investing in any stock or currency, don’t blindly follow any tips or messages.

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