how to make money in stocks

how to make money in stocks? 
read the article and find out the 7 important factors and Tips to follow to make money in stocks easily.


7 important Factors to follow

  1. find out your trader or investor
  2. trade using brain not emotions
  3. control your greed
  4. after investing keep target (price)
  5. divest as soon as your target get hit
  6. study more and gain experience


7 important Tips to follow

  1. measure how much you can invest
  2. make equal partitions of total money you can invest.
  3. select any 4 categories like pharma stocks, it stocks, penny stocks, blue chips, etc.
  4. invest in blue chip stocks if you want to take low risk.
  5. high risk players can go for penny stocks (long term).
  6. keep an eye on market news to earn extra money (trade in trending) {not recommended}
  7. keep a target, book profit as soon as the target hits. if your in loss hold the stock, don’t divest by booking loss.

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