best stock for long term

best stock for long term | Assured Multibagger stock in next 3 years.


Stock Name –
Trident Limited.

Stock Info –
Trident Group is a leading diversified group of businesses headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab. Trident Limited is the flagship company of Trident Group, a USD 1 billion Indian business conglomerate and a global player. Incorporated in the year 1990, the company continues to grow under the dynamic leadership of its founder chairman Mr. Rajinder Gupta, a first generation entrepreneur.

Why Trident ?
Trident is one of the finest market player from more than 28 years. the main thing which makes trident more special is their consideration for the investors. regular dividends make their investors more confident.
currently trident is trading around 15 rs in past 1 year stock has given around 5 times return. click to view Trident stock financials

Should we invest in Trident ?
Trident is a good performing stock, you can try investing 10 % of your total investment capacity to be safe as companies fundamentals are limited but not weak.
remember some of big company today was small yesterday so so of small company today will be big tomorrow.

visit tridentindia’s official website for more click here 


Note – before investing make sure to study about the stock, don’t trade or buy on tips (we recommend not to follow anyone blindly).

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