when will stock market crash in india ?

stock market to have a huge correct soon

when will stock market crash in india ? is the most common question of investors now a days. not only the indian market (NSE & BSE) but also foreign markets are almost at all time high.
this is a period where new investors should avoid investing (long term investors can invest anytime).

When will the market crash?

from last few months all countries market are on boom, every stock is looking ever green.
bulls are getting unstoppable and bears seems have lost the power. The market conditions are too good. so when will the stock market crash in india ?
there is no one who can accurately say when market will crash or rise, but we can predict.
accordingly markets will shutter if there is a single bad news, doesn’t matters how big or small the news is.
market may get corrected in upcoming 2-4 months.

What to do now?

keep a watch on market daily, checkout news feed and measure the volatility.
don’t invest huge amounts in these days, your money may get trapped for months if the market crashed or gets corrected. (as per february 2021)
you have to wait for correct time, if your a new investor and want to invest for a short period be careful, long term investors have nothing to worry about.



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