is morris coin legit ? morris coin ICO scam

A so called cryptocurrency morris coin scam explained !


What is morris coin ?

Morris is a fully decentralized platform. A new decentralized currency mostly for individual investors.

Morris coin an ICO scam emerged from kerla (India). Many people had been trapped in this ICO scam.

There is only one big reason for the high momentum of the morris coin a they stood with an example of bitcoin, “investing early can make us rich” was the thinking on many people. And everyone was so fascinated by the spike of the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin and all as, the early investors are millionaires now.


Is morris coin real or fake?

Morris Coin is a total scam, and you should not waste your earned money on these types of money chain scams.
They claimed to be a cryptocurrency, but do they really use the blockchain system?
No, you will not get a blockchain id which is the core technology behind every cryptocurrency. They faked people by using the term blockchain system.

Have you ever visited the Morris coin website? It is one of the most suspicious and deceptive websites. They do not have any legit information about the founders, official addresses, or any technical information about the coin.
The website looks very suspicious.


Reality of morris coin :

Morris coin is clearly nothing but a scam for looting small retail investors. They attracted people by using terms like Multi-level marketing, blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized.

Maybe you might have come across the screenshot proofs stating that the Morris coin was listed on the Paybito crypto exchange. Take a moment to understand the MRC, it is not Morris coin, it is Micro coin which is a totally different cryptocurrency. It was their marketing team who were continuously spamming the fake proofs on social media platforms.

Morris coin isn’t a real cryptocurrency and upon reviewing their website and service till now, it is verified that the coin is a pure scam as nothing proves their legality. we hope this answers your question that coin isn’t legal in India and not a safe option to invest your earned money.

There have been many cases of these types of money chain, MLM scams coming out from Kerala recently and there were many wealthy people from Kerala who became billionaires by scamming people.

Stay away from such scams, only invest in trusted currencies via trusted platforms.
Use top platforms like coinswitch, coinDCX, WazirX etc. to invest in cryptocurrencies, as these brokers verify and list only trusted currencies on their platforms.

check out how to invest in cryptocurrencies (safe and legal way).

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