india finally bans cryptocurrency

india finally bans cryptocurrency | what should we do now ? 


india finally bans cryptocurrency !
The prospect of a fresh ban on cryptocurrencies in India has sent an army of crypto investors scrambling to think of ways to protect or liquidate their holdings. This, as the government appears to be in final stages of bringing in a new legislation governing Bitcoin and other such tokens in India.
government has allocated a time period up to 6 months to liquidate holdings.

Should we liquidate our portfolio?
we recommend not to buy nor sell for next 1/2 months. let’s wait for a positive change.
many organizations are standing strong together opposing the ban.
Almost every crypto trading platform is against the BAN.

Will Cryptocurrencies get unbanned ?
high chances of cryptocurrencies getting unban in India again because there are lot of things which are in a strong stand against governments crypto BAN Decision.
more than 60 Lakh people in India have investments in crypto worth 10,000 crore+

What can we do?
Let’s appeal an unban request to government, show some support to our indian trading platforms by re tweeting their tweets and tweeting #unbancryptocurrencies #unbanbitcoin #indianeedscrypto
Also Make sure to mail your member of parliament via this link

Will this bring any change?

yes definitely it can, because the same situation was faced between 2018/2020 and indian platforms won the case and crypto was declared legal to trade.
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