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Chz coin surges by 2000 % in past 30 days | will it go more ? should investors enter into CHZ cryptocurrency now?

About CHZ Coin –
chiliz i.e CHZ is a currency option for blockchain backed products & services geared towards mainstream consumers.
We want to elevate everyday experiences – fan engagement in entertainment, alternative payment solutions for conventional products, and more.
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Why CHZ surged so much ?
CHZ was launced in 2018 october, since then the coin was not in news as it was fltuation in .0 cent’s but suddenly in the past 2 months it started to rise and because of the bull market the price rised more than 2200% that is 22 times investors earned on their investment.
There are no upper circuits in crypto currencies and this is the reason crypto’s are so volatile, chz may surge more as it is in news and people are loving it..


Should we invest in CHZ now ?
Investing in CHZ at high level is risky, but according to chart pattern and the craze in people may take CHZ at new level’s. Entering in this level might be risky, we recommend to hold and check the trading activity of people and then invest in.
CHZ is growing with a good speed which is a reason people are considering it, as of today, Chz is 80+ team members strong, across 29 different nationalities. Together with Malta HQ, they run a development office in Lyon, France, and have active operations in Turkey, Spain, South Korea & Brazil, with team members also active in the UK & Sweden.
The current market cap of CHZ is 4.07 billion USD dollars and ranks on 25th position in crypto lists.
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More about CHZ coin –
CHZ coin network team posts articles and blogs related to crypto and chz updates on their official website check out by clicking here . They post really great and informative news related to sports and their sponsored teams, etc. CHZ has made a good name in the crypto market in past years, their collaboration with the sports teams had become the biggest reason for their great rise.



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