why investment is important in today’s world ?

why investment is important in today’s world ? Earlies people used to invest in gold and lands, whereas many people saved their money in bank FD’s and RD’s, only 10% people world wide kept interest in buying stocks , bonds or currencies. But today, the situations are completely different, more than 24% people invest in stock market, crypto currencies, bonds, gold etc.

People who don’t invest are losing their money value !

The increase in inflation is responsible for this. year 2020 has been tough for many people, in result making more people unemployed . unemployment is the biggest factor which impacts inflation rate. so investment is important in today’s world.

What is inflation?

inflation can be defined as general rise in prices or the rate at which prices rise.

inflation chart


So, how to overcome this ?

If you have to be financially strong and independent you have to start a business or start investing. probably investing is the better option, right?
you can invest in stock market and crypto currencies if you have the ability of taking high risk
(Note – stock market and crypto currencies are subject to market risk).
proper study like fundamental and technical analysis of stocks and market can reduce risk.

you can invest in mutual funds if you have the ability of taking medium risk
nowadays almost every mutual fund gives more returns than bank FD’s.

you can invest your money in bank FDs or gold or real estate if you have the ability of taking no risk
so, to beat the inflation rate your premium return rate should be more.
proper INVESTMENTS can give financial independence to a common man.
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want to start investing ?

Check out our crypto and stock market section for the proper guide
also check how to invest in cryptocurrency

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