how to invest in us stocks from india

how to invest in us stocks from india ? 

before jumping into the main topic let’s first discuss about some important factors like advantage of investing in us stocks, special opportunities and also some cons of investing in us stocks.

Advantages –

  • Buying foreign stocks will allow you to diversify your portfolio.
  • It will also maximize your gains.
  • Greater opportunities to make big money.

Cons –

  • Very High Brokerage and AMC’s.
  • Profits will always be subjected to currency exchange rate.
  • High Tax on gains.
  • RBI’s strict rules.


How to invest in us or any overseas country ?

It’s easy to invest in foreign stocks, its quite similar trading in indian market.
many full services like 5paisa, ICICI Direct, Kotak securities allows you to invest in forex. Also many brokers are trying to bring this feature on their platform soon.

OR, you can buy indian mutual fund with global equities, this is an indirect way of investing in global equities, also cost-efficient given that investors will not have open any account or maintain a minimum deposit. There are many mutual funds who directly invest in foreign stocks. For example, Motilal oswal has recently started with Motilal oswal S&P500 Index Fund which invests in 500 listed companies in US.

OR, you can open an account directly with foreign brokers like TD AmeriTrade, etc.
There are many options to go with.
open account with ICICI Direct 

The easiest way today is to open an account with angel broking, from angel broking platform you can invest in INDIA stock market as well as US stock market in simple 3 step registration. open an account with angel broking today !!
registration requirements – adhaar card, pan card and a bank account. (adhaar card linked with your phone number is not necessary).

Hopefully this post will answer your question how to invest in us stocks from india !

Note – make sure to check privacy policies and conditions of the broker before investing via them.

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